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    Setup a Company in Dubai Mainland in Connect Me

    Trusted Company SetupBusiness Setup and Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

    Set up your company in the UAE mainland and we are the experienced professional business advisors to ensure fast and efficient mainland company formation all over in the UAE.

    Dubai Mainland is a platform that offers limitless business opportunities for Business Setup in Dubai Mainland to companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world to set up their business. To set up a business in Dubai Mainland , relevant commercial or professional licenses must be obtained. Mainland company formation in UAE is considered to be one of the advanced organizations.

    Connect Middle East is a trusted business advisor who guides entrepreneurs and businessmen on Business Setup in Dubai Mainland, UAE. We help you to understand and guide regarding the Business licenses and permits based on your services and business activities.


    PROPER BUSINESS WORKINGBenefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    If you decide to set up your company in Dubai Mainland, you can get several benefits, including the following ones:

    • You can get a significant corporate tax exemption if you own a mainland company., which is something you cannot have in other countries.
    • For Business Setup in Dubai Mainland companies enjoy the benefit of office space, which means they can do business anywhere in the UAE. And besides, there are no restrictions of any kind when it comes to carrying out their activities.
    • Dubai serves as a gateway to the Middle East. Therefore, investors can diversify their businesses in other GCC countries.
    • This emirate also offers many capital incentives for investors through concessions and flexible rules.
    • There are no currency exchange restrictions for mainland companies in Dubai and the UAE.
    • You can reach international markets and clients.
    Tax Exemption
    Office Space
    No currency exchange restrictions
    International exposure
    Best Location
    Reach international Markets

    Types of LicenseTypes of Business License
    for Business Setup Dubai Mainland

    For Business Setup Dubai Mainland than You can find four major business licenses that the DED issues for companies in Dubai Mainland. Let’s take a look at them:

    Best Places for Business Setup in Dubai MainlandFeatured Places
    for Business Setup Dubai Mainland

    For Business Setup Dubai Mainland than You can find Five Business Places where you Want to do Business Setup in Dubai Mainland
    You can find it in Dubai North, sharing the border with Sharjah. It is a perfect location for setting up small and medium businesses, shops, or enterprises.
    Business Bay
    This is one of the favorite locations of most investors because is probably the most advanced area. And the hospitality sector is the most prosperous industry in this location due to the benefit it gets here. You can find this place between Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Creek.
    Al Qusais
    This other one is located close to the Dubai International Airport. And this location is the ideal one for carrying out industrial activities. However, it is also perfect for educational institutes and commercial establishments.
    This other one is on the west coast. And Jumeirah dedicates its spaces and services mostly to tourism-related companies and also real estate businesses. Here you will find many resorts and restaurant that attracts many tourists from many different countries.
    Al Quoz
    You can find this other location in the South-West area of Dubai, and just like the previous one, Al Quoz is ideal for industrial activities. Most investors decide to set up warehouses and industrial businesses.

    Dubai Mainland Business Setup ServivcesSetup Your Business in Mainland Dubai

    Setup Your Company in Dubai Mainland with Connect Middle East

    Dubai provides the perfect environment for investors and entrepreneurs to thrive. Mainland company formation in Dubai offers foreigners and locals the opportunity to do business in many areas of the region and internationally. For this reason, obtaining a Dubai Mainland license can be very advantageous for those looking to carry out their commercial activities in the emirates.

    The process of business setup in Dubai Mainland can be a hassle without proper assistance. However, with the support of a trusted business advisor, it can become easier. Connect Services Middle East can help you meet your trading expectations. We guide companies into success. Our company provides various business licenses to support any business endeavor.

    Starting a new company or doing Business Setup Dubai Mainland is an important decision. It involves a lot of planning, research, conceptualizing, budgeting, decision-making, and more. As a result, investors need to take charge of many things at once. This is when business consultancy services become critical.

    The UAE is a common destination amongst entrepreneurs and investors due to its low tax regulations and ease of doing business. The government is constantly encouraging investment as they implement rules and regulations in favor of international and local business owners.

    Benefits of Mainland company formation in Dubai

    In this era, Dubai is one of the most popular business destinations worldwide. With a large market base of consumers, infrastructural facilities, geographical strategic placement, and more, your company is destined to succeed. Once you decide to seting up business in Mainland Dubai, you will be able to enjoy many benefits, including:

    • Providing your services legally in the UAE when you obtain a Dubai Mainland license
    • Bank account opening in a local entity to deposit your earnings
    • Unlimited visa quota for your business
    • No minimum assured capital to set up your company
    • No currency exchange restrictions for your organization
    • Developing in a vast international market
    • Ability to work with the government and 100% ownership of your business

    In Dubai, Mainland companies can trade with each other and conduct their business in any part of the UAE or elsewhere. On the other hand, Free Zone businesses can only operate within their specific area.

    Mainland companies can choose from a wide variety of locations in Dubai for their headquarters. Subsequently, they can trade within the local market and with other company branches. In addition, they can do business with the government. This allows them to develop a robust presence in the UAE.

    Process of business setup in Dubai Mainland

    To start your Mainland company formation in Dubai you must go through a process of obtention of licenses, permits, and more. Often, when you are navigating it alone, it can become more difficult than it needs to be. However, with our services, you can feel supported through the entire journey.

    Before you begin the process of Mainland company formation in Dubai, you have to ensure that you comply with the legal requirements established by the government:

    • At least two directors, a secretary and a shareholder (Corporate entities can be shareholders)
    • A local sponsor (For foreign investors)

    Following this, you must select a commercial activity. It needs to be practical concerning the UAE market. Keep in mind that previous to your Mainland business setup, you need to acquire the necessary knowledge on the profitability and feasibility of the economical activity.

    Then, you must choose the company’s structure. There are many legal forms to select. The most popular are LLCs, sole proprietorships, civil companies, and company branches. Choosing one of them will set the tone for dealing with profits and losses. Also, it will help you analyze how to organize resources and assets.

    After that, you will need the written approval of your company’s trade name by the Department of Economic Development. Along with this, your selected business structure also goes through the process during this step. Finally, once you receive the approval, you can submit the necessary documents to begin your Mainland company formation in Dubai.

    Required Documents for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

    Your business setup process starts with collecting the necessary documentation to carry out the legal formalities. Once you have all your documents, you can fill out an application to submit them to the authorities. These documents are:

    • A bank reference letter
    • Notarized Memorandum of Association
    • Passport copy for every shareholder, owner, and designated manager of the company
    • A business plan
    • Proof of address
    • The owner’s resume or CV

    After gathering your documents and application, you can submit them to our system. We will provide them to the Department of Economic Development, Dubai Municipality, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior, and other mandatory authorities. Once you receive the approval, you will be granted your Dubai Mainland license to start operating in the United Arab Emirates.

    Obtaining a business license in Dubai will allow you to do commerce without restrictions within the region and abroad. At the same time, it means that your company is legally operating in the UAE and that you are permitted to carry out activities such as consultancy, owning real estate, and more.

    Types of Business Licenses for Mainland company formation in Dubai

    To begin your Mainland company setup in Dubai, the Department of Economic Development issues four major business licenses for investors to select.

    Commercial License

    With this license, companies can assume business activities such as selling and buying goods. Once investors acquire it, they can obtain a General Trading License, which consents them to trade more merchandise. The Commercial License and the General Trading License are the most common in the region.

    Rental transportation services, construction companies, retail companies, healthcare businesses, communications companies, and other general trading organizations need to apply for this type of Dubai Mainland license. There are many kinds of commercial licenses available, and you must apply for one that will benefit your type of business.

    Professional License

    Professional license allows businesses to provide professional services to their clientele. For example, companies can offer accounting or consultancy services under a professional license. Besides, they can conduct other types of services related to management, healthcare, marketing, education, advertising, and more.

    To apply for this specific license, the individual needs to provide certain skills or training that match their stipulated profession. With it, you will be able to form a Limited Liability Company, a Civil Company, or a Sole Proprietorship. However, it is crucial to rely on a consultancy agency specialized in guaranteeing clients a Mainland license in Dubai.

    Industrial License

    An Industrial license allows companies to carry out manufacturing activities. Consequently, this license is necessary for factories and other industries looking to perform these types of events. To obtain it, you will need the approval of other authorities, and it can become a stressful process if you do not have the right tools.

    Connect Services Middle East helps you prevent any legal inconvenience. We will sort out your documentation and offer you a better understanding of the licensing process in accordance with your economical activities, products and services.

    Tourism License

    The demand for a tourism license has been growing consistently in these recent years. Therefore, this type of license is for investors or entrepreneurs who want to operate in the tourism sector. The three types of tourism licenses offered are, travel agent licenses and inbound/outbound tourism operation licenses.

    Companies providing activities such as restaurants, hotel renting, travel agencies, and more need to acquire a tourism license as well. Meanwhile, Connect Services Middle East offers its services of company formation in Dubai to support investors in their business endeavors. We provide you with seamless tourism license amenities following the registration process.

    Dubai Mainland License Cost

    Before setting up a business in Dubai Mainland, you need to know the necessary fees to pay. To calculate the final cost, you must have a clear idea of what type of license you will need.

    With our variety of packages, the Dubai Mainland license cost is affordable for each type of business. We provide Professional Licenses starting at AED 9.000. With this license, you can begin offering your services legally in the UAE as a professional. Investors can start their business setup in Dubai Mainland in the following areas:

    • Computer and IT infrastructure consultancies
    • Insurance and consultancy services
    • Management and tax consultancies
    • Environmental, marketing consultancies, and many more

    At the same time, we offer Commercial Licenses starting at AED 13.000. This type of license will allow your Mainland business setup. It conveys commercial activities such as:

    • Oil and gas trading
    • Gold and precious metals trading
    • Safety equipment trading
    • Media materials trading and much more

    Connect Services Middle East is your best option if you need professional guidance to begin your business setup. We offer the best prices in the market to help you stay within budget. Our agency has years of experience in the UAE market and our main objective will always be to create successful companies.


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