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Get your Freelance Visa and start your journey to self-employment with our assistance. We have a team of expert consultants to help you establish a solid presence and enter the thriving UAE market.

The Freelance License grants many opportunities to professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world that want to start their operations in the UAE. With a privileged location between the East and the West, and with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, the UAE has been considered a top place for people from across all industries.

Connect Middle East can assist you to obtain your Freelance Visa in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. With our comprehensive service and wide range of solutions, you can be sure you are going to obtain the best result.


    Benefits of the Freelance License

    With the Freelance Visa, you can get several benefits. Take advantage of all the perks the Freelance License gives you in the UAE:

    • Connect with companies and businesses in the UAE to get clients easily and take your career to the next level.
    • Work from anywhere and at any time by setting up your own schedule based on your most productive time of the day.
    • You can run your business under your name and start boosting your operations with a Freelancer Visa in the UAE.
    • Get the flexibility to work for multiple clients and enhance your income by working on projects.
    • The Freelance License in uae is a cost-effective option for working and living in the UAE.
    • Live and work in the UAE and bring your family with you by opting for the Freelance Visa dubai.

    Freelance Visa

    Get your Freelance Visa dubai with Connect Middle East

    The UAE has been considered one of the perfect locations for conducting business. Investors and entrepreneurs choose this place to carry out their operations and get a large revenue. This is due to the thriving marketplace and flourishing economy.

    In this regard, large corporations have many options to set up their establishment in this country. But, small businesses run by freelancers and entrepreneurs may not afford to incorporate a company and apply for a business license since these options are costly.

    For this reason, the UAE Authority has launched more initiatives aimed at the professionals working as self-employed. Thus, we have the Freelance Visa, which is a perfect option for those that want to work independently.

    Obtain the Freelance License with Connect Middle East

    The UAE is one of the preferred countries in the Middle East for foreign investors and entrepreneurs since it offers many advantages and has a prosperous marketplace. It receives millions of visitors during the year, and many of them get there to conduct business.

    For this reason, the UAE Authority has established several visa schemes and business licenses to regulate and control the operations of companies. In this regard, a corporation can opt for a business license, which is a document that allows it to engage in the chosen activity.

    So, there are many licenses but the most popular ones are commercial, professional, and industrial. Nevertheless, these licenses may not be a great option for startups, particularly those that have a tight budget. But, there is another option that could work for them and that is the Freelance License.

    When it comes to immigration, the UAE also has several visa schemes such as the visit visa, employment visa, and more. One of the most recent ones is the Freelancer Visa in the UAE.

    So, entrepreneurs that want to conduct business and live in the UAE, can find the Freelance visa in Dubai the perfect choice. This is because it allows them to run a business with a cost-effective license and to live in the UAE since it grants them the UAE residency.

    Freelance Visa in Dubai

    Many self-employed opt for the Freelance visa in Dubai since it is a very popular location in the UAE. With its modern infrastructure and nearness to international marketplaces, is the perfect place to establish operations and get more clients.

    If you decide to work from Dubai as a Freelancer you get access to the entire UAE market. You can get clients and work under your own schedule. You can even decide which projects you want to work on and get total flexibility.

    In addition, Dubai offers a high quality of living and you can sponsor your family so you can bring them with you.

    Here in Connect Middle East, we our business setup consultants in dubai  to help you select the perfect location for your establishment.

    What is a Freelance Visa?

    Freelancers and independent workers that see the UAE as a place to expand their operations can opt for the Freelance Visa. With this document, the person is allowed to work under his or her name and offer his or her services to a variety of companies and businesses. Moreover, freelancers can work whenever they want and accept as many projects as they like.

    However, when it comes to this type of license there may be some confusion. This is because the Freelance Visa is also known as a Freelance License or self-employment visa.

    For this reason, it is worth mentioning that they are all the same. The difference relies on when each one applies to the person.

    A person who lives in the UAE and is currently under an employment visa, or on their spouse or parent’s visa can apply for the Freelance license. With this type of permit, he or she can work as a freelancer or independent contractor.

    But, if the person is not a resident of the UAE, and is not sponsored by an employer, a parent, or a spouse, then he or she needs to apply for a Freelancer visa in the UAE. This document will work as the permit to work independently while residing anywhere in the country.

    If you need assistance with your licensing process, here in Connect Middle East we offer our Trade License Dubai services so you have nothing to worry about.

    Permissible business activities for the Freelance Visa

    Although the Freelance Visa is a great choice for professionals, it is important to point out that not everyone can request it. This is because this document is issued to specific industries.

    Therefore, professionals that work in the following sectors are the ones that can apply for the Freelancer Visa in the UAE:

    • Media: animator, copywriter, editor, event planner, graphic designer, journalist, media planner, photographer, audio/sound engineer, content provider, illustrator, marketing specialist, market analyst, furniture designer, choreographer, cameraman, artist, composer, brand consultant, flower arrangement, fashion design, and more.
    • Education: executive coaching, education advisor, e-learning advisor, trainer, researcher, and more.
    • Technology: software development, telecommunication and networking, mobile and web development, data science and analytics, IT Consultancy, web design, and more.

    It is important to point out that each jurisdiction has its list of activities allowed for freelancers. For example, if you are looking to obtain a Freelance visa in Dubai, you have to check which activities can be performed with this type of license in this Emirate.

    Thus, not all professionals can work as freelancers. If you are currently working as an employee for a company, and you would like to start your freelancing career, you have to check if you apply for a freelancer visa in the UAE. If you do not apply, then you can consider switching careers.

    Whether you work in the media, technology, or education sector, here in Connect Middle East we can help you with the application process. Our expert consultants will analyze your current situation and help you apply for the proper activity according to your qualifications.

    Obtain a Freelance Visa and enjoy its advantages with Connect Middle East

    The Freelance Visa allows you to obtain many benefits. For this reason, we want to offer you our guidance and support so you can get through the application process smoothly. This way you are going to obtain this crucial document and start enjoying the advantages the UAE offers Freelancers.

    Here in Connect Middle East, we offer the following advantages when you decide to partner with us:

    • A team of business consultants that provide advice and guidance on selecting the right business activity.
    • One-stop-shop solution for your freelance license.
    • Expert assistance with formalities and legal documents
    • Guide through the entire process and ensure an efficient result
    • Ongoing support from start to finish so you can be informed about the process
    • Competitive rates for business licensing and company incorporation

    Additionally, we offer our Corporate Sponsorship Services, if you are looking to establish a company and need a sponsor.

    Benefits of the Freelance Visa

    With the Freelancer Visa in the UAE you can enjoy the following benefits:

    • Freedom and independence to work and move in the UAE market
    • As a foreign freelancer, by applying for the freelance license you can also get a UAE residency visa with validity for three years in Dubai.
    • Low-cost licensing process
    • Access to world-class companies in the fields of media and technology
    • Possibility to participate in training and talent programs
    • With the freelance visa, you can sponsor your dependents such as your spouse and children
    • By having a freelance visa you can work in the UAE remotely, which means, you do not have to be present to offer your services.
    • Flexibility to work with many companies and clients
    • In some Emirates, you do not need to have a physical office space to opt for the license
    • With the freelance license, you can work as an independent contractor

    Here in Connect Middle East, we ensure you get a Freelance visa in Dubai by helping you from start to end. You can start offering your freelancing services with our assistance.

    Prerequisites to apply for the Freelance Visa

    To opt for a Freelance Visa you need to comply with some requirements first. This is because not every professional can apply for this type of license. So, the aspects you have to consider are the following:

    • Sector: whether you reside in the UAE or in another country you can apply for a freelance license. Nevertheless, you should work in the media, education, or technology sector. Otherwise, you will not be able to apply for this document.
    • NOC: if you are currently a full-time or part-time employee, or you are under your parent’s or spouse’s visa you need to obtain a NOC from your sponsor. This is to prove that your sponsor does not have any issues with you working as a freelancer.

    If you still have some doubts about how to obtain a Freelance visa in Dubai, here at Connect Middle East we can help you clarify everything.

    Process to obtain the Freelance Visa

    The process to obtain a Freelance Visa is very simple. Since this permit is highly requested by foreign professionals and residents, the UAE has established a straightforward process to obtain it.

    Here we have the steps that you have to go through to obtain your freelancer visa in the UAE:

    Partnering with a trustworthy agency in the UAE that can help you obtain everything you need to start your freelance business can be a great decision. Here in Connect Middle East, we want to help you. Learn more about us so you can choose among our services.

    Choose a jurisdiction

    The first step in applying for a freelance visa is choosing the jurisdiction where you want to start your freelancing career. However, this is an important step because you have to consider in which jurisdiction your desired activity is available.

    The jurisdictions that offer the freelance license are the following:

    • Abu Dhabi: the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development has 48 freelance activities available. Some of the activities are in the media, production, and leisure enterprises.
    • Ajman Free Zone: in Ajman, you can opt for a freelance visa and it is considered one of the cheapest in the entire UAE. Moreover, in Ajman, you get the chance to sponsor two resident visas with your license.
    • Umm al Quwain: the Umm al Quwain Free Zone is perfect because it provides reasonable charges for license issuing, setup, and renewal. In addition, professionals from across many industries can apply here since there are many activities available for freelancing.
    • Sharjah Media City: also known as SHAMS, in this Free zone you can get your license if you work in the creative and media sector. Moreover, the prices here are cost-effective since the fee for the license starts from AED 5,750.
    • Dubai: being one of the most popular Emirates, Dubai has many options for freelancers. You can apply in the Free Zones like Dubai Media City, Dubai Design District, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai International Academic City to start your freelancing business.
    • RAKEZ: Ras al Khaimah Economic Zone is perfect for freelancers since it is one of the largest free zones in the UAE. Over 50 industries can flourish in this place.

    Collect the documents

    Once you have decided which jurisdiction is the best one for your freelancing objectives, you have to start collecting the required paperwork to submit it along with your application.  Make sure you have everything you need for your application.

    It is highly important to submit the NOC if you are sponsored by your employer, parent, or spouse. Moreover, if you want to work in the media or design sector, you must have your portfolio ready so you can prove your qualifications and skills.

    Rent an office

    As a freelancer, you need to have a place where to work. In the UAE there are many types of physical spaces available for businesses. From offices in Business Centers to Rented Offices to Smart Offices. But perhaps the best option for you is the work stations. These are co-working spaces from where you can carry out your activities and do networking with other freelancers.

    Apply for the freelance license

    The next step to obtaining your Freelance visa in Dubai is submitting the application form. Some jurisdictions allow you to apply online. However, after the submission, you have to visit the site in person so you can sign the documents and pay the required fees.

    Keep in mind that the fees may vary depending on the jurisdiction, and business activity. So make sure to learn how much you have to pay so you can be prepared.

    In case you are applying in Dubai, you will receive the permit via e-mail. The duration of the process may take less than two weeks, so as you can see, it is very fast to obtain your freelance visa. Nevertheless, receiving your license is not the final step of the process.

    Complete the residency visa procedure

    Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an entry permit if you are located outside the UAE. With this entry permit with a validity of 60 days, you have to enter the UAE and finish the procedure to obtain your residency. Some of the steps you have to complete are the medical test.

    After completing the procedures, you can receive the stamp for your residency visa in your passport. And you can start looking for clients and working legally with your freelancer visa in the UAE.

    With your Freelance Visa, you are able to sponsor your family. Therefore, you can bring your spouse and children with you to the UAE. Nevertheless, immigration procedures can be difficult, and if you do not have any experience in the matter it can be even more challenging. For this reason, here in Connect Middle East, we offer our Visa Services to help you.

    Open a bank account

    When it comes to managing your business’ finances, it is important to have a corporate bank account to separate it from your personal ones. In this regard, we offer our Business Bank Account Banking Services to help you deal with this formality for your freelancer business.

    Required documents for the Freelance Visa

    To apply for the Freelance Visa you must first collect all the documents you need to submit. The UAE requests these documents to prove the identity of the freelancer, as well as to ensure they comply with the law.

    Handling all of these documents and paperwork may not be something you are excited to do. In fact, it is important to collect the right documentation and notarize it before submitting it. In case you do not want to face this, we offer our PRO Services to help you deal with this and many more tasks.

    Some of the documents you will need to apply for the Freelance License are the following:

    • CV
    • Recent photograph
    • Passport copy
    • Copy of UAE Residency
    • Bank reference letter
    • NOC from sponsor (for applicants under parent’s or spouse’s visa, or under an employment visa)
    • Proof of academic qualification duly certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or UAE Consulate (for applicants for the education sector)
    • Portfolio/sample of your work (for applicants for the media sector)

    No Objection letter for Freelance License

    One of the most important documents that UAE residents have to submit when applying for a Freelance visa in Dubai is the NOC. This is the No Objection Letter.

    The applicant’s sponsor should issue this document stating basically that there is no problem with the person working as a freelancer. This is crucial for those that are under an employment visa and would like to offer their freelancing services, as well for those that are living in the UAE under a parent’s or spouse’s visa.

    If the applicant does not submit the NOC and it is currently residing in the UAE under a sponsored visa, he or she may not receive the freelancer visa in the UAE. Thus, it is highly important to look for this document.

    Costs of the Freelance Visa

    Applying for a Freelance Visa involves having to pay the necessary fees. As a freelancer, you have to consider very well the expenses, particularly if you have a tight budget.

    Here in Connect Middle East, we offer the best packages for obtaining your Freelance Visa and setting up your operations in the UAE. We have competitive rates and provide a comprehensive service tailored to your requirements.

    Some of the costs that you will have to incur for the Freelancer Visa in the UAE are the following:

    • Freelance license: the cost for this type of license is about AED 7,000. Nevertheless, this price may vary depending on the Emirate you have chosen.
    • Establishment card: once you have received your Freelance visa in Dubai, you have to obtain the establishment card. This will cost about AED 2000.
    • UAE Residency Visa: if you are not a resident of the UAE you have to apply for a visa. The price for this document ranges from AED 3,300 to AED 6,340.

    It is worth noting that the price may be cheaper or higher depending on the validity of the residency visa, and the type of business activity you have chosen. Moreover, some jurisdictions may offer cheaper prices. For example, obtaining a freelance license in a specific Free Zone may cost less than in other ones.

    How can you obtain your Freelance Visa with Connect Middle East?

    Here in Connect Middle East, we want to help you obtain your Freelance Visa. We understand how challenging can be for professionals working self-employed but we also know how rewarding this career path is.

    For this reason, our goal is to help you obtain your Freelance visa in Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE. If you are looking for the best Free Zones, we help you establish your business in Sharjah Media City Free Zone, Ajman Media City Free Zone, Umm al Quwain Free Zone, and many more.

    Obtaining your freelancer visa in the UAE does not have to be troublesome. With our assistance, you can get the best possible result so you can start working as a freelancer in the UAE in no time.

    However, if your business is starting to grow and expand, you can also incorporate a company with us. You can set up your enterprise in Business Setup in Dubai Mainland, Abu Dhabi Mainland, or any other thriving location in the UAE. Moreover, we offer our HR Outsourcing Service if you need assistance with your workforce.

    Contact us to learn more about our services and clarify any inquiries you may have.

    Frequently asked questions about the Freelance Visa

    Learning about how to obtain your Freelance license can make a big difference. It is important to be well-informed about the process so you can know what to expect.

    For this reason, here we have the most common questions so you can clear any doubt you may have.

    What is the cheapest freelance visa in the UAE?

    The cheapest license is the freelancer visa in the UAE. Individuals that want to work as self-employed can apply for this type of license. The cost for the freelance permit is AED 7,500. In addition, it is worth noting that you also have to pay for the establishment card, which costs AED 2,000, and the residency visa which costs AED 5,000.

    How can I get a freelance visa in the UAE?

    You have many options to obtain a freelancer visa in the UAE. You have to fill out the application form and submit it to the relevant authority of the jurisdiction where you have decided to establish your operations.

    Make sure to collect the necessary documents to submit them along with your application. If you work in the education sector, submit your educational certificates, and if you work in the media sector, you have to submit your portfolio.

    After that, you have to pay the required fees, and then you can obtain your license. It is worth noting that you need a UAE Phone number and medical insurance.

    Can I work as a freelancer in the UAE?

    Many professionals wonder if freelancing is legal in the UAE. It is valid to work as a freelancer in the UAE as long as you work in certain approved fields. If you qualify for obtaining a freelance visa, you can apply and obtain this document as well as the residency. Then, you can work and live in the UAE as a freelancer.

    Who is eligible to obtain a freelance work permit in Dubai?

    To obtain a Freelance visa in Dubai, you have to comply with the legal formalities. Thus, you must follow the entire application procedure and undergo a medical examination. After completion, you can receive your license and residency.

    Professionals who work in the media, design, technology, and education sector are eligible to apply for a freelance visa.

    Can I work as a freelancer in the UAE if I am an employee?

    If you are under an employment visa, and you work full-time or part-time, you can still apply for the freelance license. In your case, since you are a resident, but your employer is your sponsor, you have to obtain a NOC to apply.

    This is because your employer must express that it does not have any objection for you to starting working as a freelancer.

    How much does the freelance visa cost in the UAE?

    The freelance visa has a range of costs depending on the jurisdiction where you decide to apply. Thus, the price range is between AED 7,500 and AED 20,000. The factors that influence the final costs are the free zone regulations where you apply and your business requirements. Moreover, the validity of your residence visa will also affect the final cost. For example, if you opt for a 1-year residency it may be cheaper than a 3-year residency. It is worth noting that you have to renew this permit annually.

    What are the most popular freelance activities in the UAE?

    To work as a freelancer in the UAE you must choose lucrative activities if you want to have a large revenue. Some of the most popular activities are web development, e-learning, graphic design, mobile app development, SEO and SEM, branding, language translation, legal consultancy, IT consultancy, and sales and marketing.

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