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Connect Services Middle East is Business Consultants in Dubai and supply business consultancy services in Dubai and all over UAE. In addition to management related service we provide company formation as well. Our professional business setup consultants also examine businesses and provide solutions, so that your company is well-positioned.

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Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

UAE was recorded as one of the top places for ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in the globe by the World Bank. UAE market is certainly a welcoming and accessible market but setting up a business in any new country is always challenging. Our business setup consultants are experienced and provide you expert advice 24/7. They also guide you to perform in a systematic manner and help you improve your business prospects.

One can explore and opt for a valid business module with the help of Connect Service UAE consultants. Moreover, they provide you a clarified vision with regards to your business, brainstorm on your business activities and plan on adjacent business opportunities, understand the scope of your company along with the scope of your competitors, etc.


What does a business consultant do?

Business consultants work for businesses on a permanent or contractual basis. That is to say, they offer their expertise and encouragement towards the business objectives. In addition, top business consultants in Dubai use their experience to their advantage when they work with a business from a certain industry to strategize about long- and short-term objectives and methods to succeed.

Further, some of the main tasks of a business consultant in the UAE are to identify areas for improved procedures and communication, assist companies to obtain funding or loans for financial stability, and review all market data to decide new areas for business growth.

On the other hand, our consultancy services in Dubai also work towards creating more efficient training and onboarding methods to allow our clients to obtain the brightest workers for the different departments.

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How do I set up a business in Dubai?

When you use our Business consultancy services in Dubai, you take advantage of our company setup processes. On the other hand, when you are in the setup process, free zones are more popular among foreign entrepreneurs; they offer zero-rate taxes on corporate and personal income, full repatriation of profits and capitals, 100% ownership, and no currency restrictions.

Here are 7 steps to set up an organization in Dubai:

Find your business activity

Find your business activity

The first step to start your company and obtain a business license is to decide the nature of your organization. For instance, there are approx. 2,100 activities available to choose from, they are in different groups within the commercial, professional, industrial, and tourism fields.
Decide a free zone

Decide a free zone

There are approximately 30 free zones in Dubai to choose from. In the same vein, the nature of your organization has a direct impact on which free zone you choose to establish. Therefore, it makes sense to establish in close proximity to companies in the same industry.
Choose a company name

Choose a company name

When you are in the process of choosing your business name; it is crucial it abides by the UAE’s naming conventions. Further, a name that has offensive language, refers to political groups or the mafia, that could be perceived as offensive to religion is forbidden.

That is to say, if you are naming your organization after a person; you must show proof it is an owner or partner of the organization. Similarly, no abbreviations or initials are allowed.

Naming your business may be a complicated process; especially if you are on your own. Therefore, with us, you can save effort and time; we assist you to follow the name regulations and get your name approved.
Apply for initial approval

Apply for initial approval

You must apply for initial approval, this way you ensure Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) has no objections about you starting your business; so, you can start in the next steps for your business license. Similarly, we apply for this process on your behalf; this way you can focus on your business.

However, depending on your business nature you must provide additional documents, but they often are:

- Licensing form and business registration.
- Copy of your ID or passports.
- Article of association of the organization
- Visa copy.
- Viability study of the project.

If you need assistance with the application process; please contact one of our experts who will guide you; ensuring you have correctly prepared and filed the documents.
Open a corporate bank account

Open a corporate bank account

Once the application has been approved and received back all required documentation; the next step is to open a corporate bank account. Similarly, the UAE has many banks, both international and local. For instance, these include Barclays, Citibank, HSBC, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, among others.
Decide your office space location

Decide your office space location

It is mandatory for all companies in Dubai and the UAE to have office space. That is to say, if you set up in a free zone you will find new offices easily.

At Connect Middle East, we offer several commercial property services, business centers, and office buildings accommodation to lease, hire or rent to any type and size of the company. In the same vein, all our offices are equipped with support services, wi-fi, and all available perks. In addition, we also provide you with meeting rooms.
Apply for final approval

Apply for final approval

In this step, you must prepare your location addresses, legal information, and all documentation to submit for final approval. Therefore, in some cases, you must apply for license approval from other government entities. Let’s observe:

- All the previously-submitted documents and initial approval receipt.
- Lease contract provided by the RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency)
- Correctly attested service agent contract (for companies and civil establishment 100% owned by non-GCC citizens), the UAE involving a local service entity.
- Approval from other departments.
- Payment of the license through the approved external methods.

After that, your business is ready to start.
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What are the business consulting services?

Top business consultants in Dubai act as an intermediary between local authorities and foreign businesses. Thus, in Connect Middle East, we represent our partners in government entities, ensure documents are kept well, monitor changes in regulations and legislation, advise on filing papers and registration, assist in the preparation of tax reports, issues concerned with residence visas, audits, and expertise.

  • Educating and offering important information about sales, business regulations, technology.
  • Identifying sources or funds or loans to finance the company.
  • Helping with the identification of market requirements and implementation of strategies to increase customer acquisition and brand awareness.
  • As we mentioned earlier, developing strategic plans with long- and short-term goals.
  • Developing training and hiring practices to bring highly-skilled workers.
  • Reviewing budgeting and accounting; then, making recommendations for improvement.

What services does a business consultant offer?

The first step in this activity for any business consultant is the discovery process. Thus, the objective is the client’s business. Top business consultants in Dubai take the required time to learn as much as possible from the employees and owner. For instance, this includes meeting with the board of workers and directors, touring the workplace, reading all company materials, and analyzing the finances.

In this process, the business consultant in the UAE unwraps the details of the organization’s mission and what operations are in place.

After we, the top business consultants in Dubai have understood the company’s operations; we enter the evaluation phase, where the objective is to identify where the changes will be implemented. That is to say, this includes identifying the business’ weaknesses and strengths; in addition to foreseeable and current problems.

Further, these issues include problems that management and ownership have already identified and additional issues we discover as a result of our objectivity. A business consultant in the UAE should also identify and recognize opportunities to grow the company, boost efficiency, and increase profits.

In addition to identifying these opportunities and problems, the best business setup consultants in Dubai must develop different solutions to problems and plans for making the most of opportunities. For example, the company may have a strong sales department but a weak marketing strategy. Therefore, this becomes the best opportunity for the organization to capitalize on the sales staff and increase marketing resources.

In this step, it is crucial for the company’s workers and the business consultant in the UAE to maintain clear and open communications.

How do I start a consulting business in Dubai and the UAE?

Invest time in networking

This step allows you to stay in touch with key people, make yourself known to future potential clients, seek introductions that will boost your business, and link with other individuals in your field. That is to say, if you find someone with professional capacity, you can find a way to connect with them.

In addition, you may want to send a follow-up email and exchange contact information. On the other hand, you can take advantage of our professional networking services. Further, you never know who you will want to stay in contact with later; and our tools make it easy for you to find people.

Find Your Niche

You should not try to offer your services to everyone. You will be more successful if you apply your experience to a specific market that needs what you offer. In other words, you can customize your services; this way they add value to a group of people or companies. Therefore, you can ask yourself:

  • What services are missing in your geographic area or area?
  • What problems will you solve that no other business can?
  • Who will benefit from your expertise?
  • What are your areas of specialty?

After you establish what you need to do and who will you do it for; you will discover who is your ideal client and how to approach them.

Practice your talking points

You must think about them like sound bites: concise and short descriptions of how and what you do. Similarly, establishing these points is crucial to promoting and pitching your consultancy services in Dubai.

These important areas must explain clearly what you do, but, above all, they should highlight the reason why you are different than other businesses in your industry. In addition, they should support the value you bring to your clients.

  • How will you help the businesses or individuals you are working with?
  • What will be their experience after using your solutions?
  • What benefit will your services provide?

You can start practicing saying your points out loud. In the same vein, you can reach colleagues to offer and listen constructively, this way you refine your message. And when you deliver them; remember the best business consultant in the UAE spends more time listening than talking. Always end up your pitch with a question; you will find out more about your potential clients.

Create a system

You must create a system, this way you will not have to start over for each project. For instance, you may need a proposal template, a description of your services that are sent to potential clients, a set of questions you always ask, or a data-gathering form.

Using templates will ensure that you:

  • Work efficiently.
  • Have a coherent observation for all forms and documents.
  • Keep the same quality level in all your projects.
  • Do not skip crucial documents or forms.
  • Have the same approach for most of your clients.

Create a Pricing Structure

Creating a pricing structure requires trial and error and some analysis to learn how much time a project will take. Therefore, when you are establishing your prices, consider:

  • How much time do you expect to invest in a set of activities?
  • What is your industry standard?
  • What you must earn to make an income and support the business?
  • Any outside expenses or resources you will incur.
  • Your experience and expertise.

If you are worried about overpricing or underpricing, you can use a time-tracker or template to estimate the time the new project will take. For instance, once you have set a rate, try putting your pricing structure in writing and stick to it.

What is the role of a business consultant?

  • Business plan: they have the right skill set to implement and develop a detailed and new business plan for growing, establishing, and established organizations. Therefore, this includes analyzing the purchase or sale of a company, evaluating new opportunities, and implementing plans that lead to business growth.
  • Performance analysis: with the best business setup consultants in Dubai their financial analysis process applies important financial percentages, industry standards, and ratios to assess business development and health opportunities.
  • Budgeting: they also provide budgets that are easily integrated into accounting processes. In addition, they also guide business operation; this allows owners to gain control of the finances. On the other hand, another responsibility is to integrate the budget figures into the software and develop systems.
  • Controllership: they also supervise operations in the company by acting as a controller; ensuring a smooth run. In addition, their operation areas are determined while abiding by the contract, and it includes activities like accounting, HR Outsourcing, and marketing.
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