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    From many destinations in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia turned into one of the best places Business Setup in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to their prosperity, people from other countries go there to begin operating businesses. This country is the largest economy in the area and offers a lot of benefits to entrepreneurs and foreign investors.

    By 2021, the Saudi Ministry of Investment announced measures to allow foreigners to start a business in the country. Seeking to reform the economy, the government introduced the Saudi Vision 2030. Through this plan, they expect to bring more foreign innovation to boost national productivity by Business Setup in Saudi Arabia. Thus, authorities have been improving the mechanisms by which foreigners can invest in their territory.

    This has resulted in better collaboration between government agencies and investors. Consequently, the Kingdom became a quite popular place for companies. Also, the latest reforms reduced bureaucratic obstacles and allowed firms to be owned completely by foreigners. Considering the advantages, Saudi Arabia leverages the efficacy of Business Setup in Saudi Arabia run in its territory.

    If you want to benefit from Saudi’s Arabia commercial advantage, come with us and learn how to Business Setup in Saudi Arabia for foreigners. This way you will learn all the necessary steps to take your organization to the next level. Throughout this article, we will discuss the different kinds of companies allowed in the country and how to register your firm there.

    How to Register a Company in Saudi Arabia

    Steps to Register
    a Company in Saudi Arabia

    To operate legally in the KSA, you must complete three registration stages:-

    • Even though the process might be long, the new reforms have reduced the time to register. Overseas business owners have the facility of completing these steps online.
    • Through the MISA website, you can submit several of the requested documents and check your registration status.
    • The primary registration consists of requesting permission to own a business in the Kingdom’s territory.
    • During this stage, the company owners must apply for attestation of a contract on the MISA’s website.
    • Then, they submit the mandatory documents to Saudi Arabia’s consulate including the company name registration and the new articles of association.
    • After applying for permission to own a business, the government should enable the legal entity to hire personnel.
    • Thus, you must register the company to the Ministry of Labour, the General authority of Tax and Zakat, and the General Organisation for Social Insurance (GOSI).
    • These authorities allow you to have Saudi workers under your command.
    • Finally, the business rules in Saudi Arabia establish that you should request a residence permit and a bank account.
    • To do this, the authority will run you through a health check and will request health insurance coverage.
    • Also, you must register in the Muqeem to scrutinize your resident workers’ data. At last, you will be able to create a bank business account for your company.
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    The types of companies that you can set up are:Type of
    Company Setup options in Saudi Arabia

    You can find four major business Setup that the DED issues for companies in Saudi Arabia.

    Limited Liability Company (also known as LLC)

    In this case, you can own 100% of the company’s assets if you are a foreigner. Also, this is the most popular kind of company chosen by investors from outside the country.

    Limited Liability One-Person Company

    This legal entity is exclusively for companies of a single shareholder. This is especially focused on professionals acting on their own.

    Foreign company branch

    A foreign company can establish one of its branches in the country. This process is easier than formatting a new LLC but has fewer benefits when compared.

    Joint Stock Company

    This kind of legal entity is one of the most regulated in the Kingdom. However, foreign companies can participate in government contracts and are exempt from customs duties in particular areas.

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