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Set up your business Abu Dhabi Mainland and we at Connect Middle East are trusted business advisors to ensure fast and efficient mainland company set up in Abu Dhabi.

The capital and the second-most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (after Dubai). The city of Abu Dhabi is located on an island in the Persian Gulf, off the Central West Coast. This is the right place for both international corporations to new business start-ups in the Abu Dhabi region. Our business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi takes care of all the necessary procedures, starting from the name of the business, license category, approval for business activities to finding a suitable place for setting up your business.

Abu Dhabi provides a holistic approach towards providing the right fusion of infrastructure and services to match the international standards. As one of the fastest growing and most attractive business hubs in the world, Abu Dhabi offers a wealth of opportunities that will help you to flourish your business. Company formation in Abu Dhabi Mainland is comparatively different from your home jurisdiction.


Benefits of Setting Up
Business in Abu Dhabi

This jurisdiction in the UAE’s capital city can help investors to boost their businesses and thrive in no time. In fact, these elements are the main reasons why investors choose Abu Dhabi Mainland as their ideal business location.

  • A commercial license in this jurisdiction is valid for 2 comparison to license in other emirates or jurisdictions is valid for 1 year only.
  • The rent costs for commercial buildings and office spaces are very low.
  • Investor is allowed to become a partner in the firm.
  • The process to open a global corporate bank account in Abu Dhabi is very simple
  • Freight charges in this city are very competitive.
  • The investor can easily apply for local visas.
  • Application process for a business license is quite easy, as well as the trade license renewal process.
rent costs is low
Process is simple
Easily apply for local visas.
Trade license renewal is simple
Types of company structures

Types of company structures
investors can set up

If you have decided to establish your company in Abu Dhabi Mainland, you must choose between the allowed business structures. Nonetheless, you should first know about each option before making your final decision regarding this essential step of the process. Therefore, let’s take a look at the business structures that you set up in this location:

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

It requires a minimum of 2 shareholders and a maximum of 50.

Sole Proprietorship

The sole trader in this case is the investor. However, it still requires a local sponsor that holds 51 percent of the company’s shares.

Public Shareholding Company

This structure is also known as Joint Stock Company and it requires a minimum of 10 founders. And it also needs a local sponsor.

Joint Venture Company

It refers to a contractual agreement between a regional and a foreign party.

Branch of a Local or a Foreign Company

A branch is an entity connected to a parent company. And through branches, the parent company can distribute and sell its products in the country.


This company structure is only available for UAE nationals who are looking forward to doing business in the country.
Commercial license
It covers general business activities and it’s the main license that trading companies need.
Professional license
This license is special for companies based on a particular craft. For example, it’s necessary for carpentry, steelwork, smithery, and more.
Occupational license
This one is for individuals who serve their clients by using their talents, intelligence, and abilities. Law, accounting, audit, and research firms need this license.
Industrial license
It is essential for operating factories and manufacturing businesses.
Tourism license
Tourism-related companies need this license, like travel agencies, hotels, and more.

From your problem
To real solution

What is the process that you need to complete to set up your company in this location?

STEP 1Determining your business activities

The first one is determining your business activities, which will later help you to apply for a business license. Keep in mind that the setup process requirements can vary according to the activities you choose.

STEP 2Determine the legal structure

Secondly, you need to determine the legal structure of your company, and this step includes choosing partners and shareholders.

STEP 3Select & register your trade name

You must select and register your trade name, which also requires you to submit certain documents. Then, you need to get the initial approval certificate from several authorities, and after this, you must apply for a license.

STEP 4Obtain the final approval from DED

You’ll need to obtain the final approval from the DED. And you might also need approval from other relevant authorities in order to get the final step done. The last step is paying all required fees to complete the issuance of your business license.


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