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Human Resources Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing Services in Dubai, UAE

Get flexible & customized HR Outsourcing solution in Dubai that suits your business needs. HR Policies & Advisory

    HR Outsourcing

    Why Businesses Need HR Outsourcing Services?

    Offshore specific activities of your HR Management Process or your entire Services Function. It will help your business to acquire HR Expertise and also attain from our vast knowledge base and HR Delivery Expertise.

    A Human Resources (HR) department is a critical component of employee well-being in any business. It does not depend on the size of the business. HR responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with local laws and legislation.

    HR Outsourcing Services

    HR Solutions are the best, when it comes to outsourced HR consultancy, delivering the flexible and optimal employment support that our clients require, especially if they’re just entering the UAE market.

    What is HR outsourcing services?

    Finding a human resource outsourcing company in the UAE is not as easy as it seems. In the same vein, when you work with us you eliminate the need of reaching various consultancy agencies; in Connect Middle East we will take care of your Human Resources tasks and duties.

    There are several solutions and packages we offer our clients in the country; therefore, you can flexibly choose what your business is needing. And depending on that, we offer a customized and cost-effective range of services for you.

    On the other hand, the HR department is a cornerstone of each well-being in any organization, no matter how small. That is to say, our HR services solutions include benefits, hiring, worker termination, payroll, and keeping you updated with local regulations and laws.

    We are experts when it comes to HR services for small business for delivering practical and flexible employment solutions, and HR consultancy your business needs; especially if you are entering the UAE market.

    In the same vein, we offer you a comprehensive range of business support functions and consultancy packages that will allow you to focus on managing your business and setting up in the country.

    In short, Human Resources outsource is the use of external services to manage part or all your business’ HR activities. Likewise, our HR functions include benefits administration, payroll processing, and other needs related to daily company tasks. Outsourcing saves both time and money, and it is a good option than having in-house HR workers.

    Few parts of your business are more important than your workers. That is to say, when you properly take care of their well-being; you improve their daily experience and you can count on them to execute your business activities.

    HR policies and procedures

    Certainly, managing employees efficiently in any company becomes easier with the right HR procedures and policies in place. Similarly, in Connect Middle East we implement tailor-made HR processes that cover all aspects of the worker lifecycle. For instance, we assist you from the early recruitment steps through the employee’s termination.

    These are also backed up by our various HR forms required; which we will provide templates for expense claim forms, employee records, leave application forms, etc.

    Employment contracts

    Our human resource outsourcing solutions provide you with the most compliant contracts in the UAE. On the other hand, all employees in the UAE must be under a valid and legal employment contract complying with the UAE employment and labor laws of Mainland and Free Zone. In addition, we can assist you to draft and review labor contracts, offer letters, and ensuring their compliance.

    UAE labor law

    Every business entity operating in the country is subject to the labor and employment law of the UAE. In addition, they must ensure compliance with all labor legislation  . In the same vein, we also assist organizations with all questions in regards the legislations such as:

    Contract termination.

    Work hours.

    Public holidays.

    Working hours during Ramadan.

    In other words, we also assist you with the variations between Mainland and Free Zones regulations; and the differences between all free zones. On the other hand, we also take care of updating you in regards to any changes in legislation announced by the UAE government.

    End of service calculations

    We are one of the best HR outsourcing companies in the UAE when it comes to calculating the end-of-service gratuity. In addition, the end-of-service calculation is massively important and varies according to the nature of the worker’s contract, if the workers resign themselves or were dismissed, and the length of time served with the company.

    We help our clients in making the dismissal process as easy as possible.

    Advising with visa procedures

    Every ex-pat worker must have a valid and relevant visa in order to perform their responsibilities within a company. In Connect Middle East we assist your clients with all visa procedures in both free zone and offshore jurisdictions.

    HR Support

    We also provide you with HR support on an ad hoc basis, where you require it.

    What do HR outsourcing companies do?

    We are the best HR services company that handles part of all your activities. In addition, we cover a comprehensive spectrum of solutions, from strategic initiatives, day-to-day functions to the long term. Similarly, let’s observe some of these functions:

    Payroll Administration

    Taking care of all tasks of your organization’s payroll is a full-time job. In addition, outsourcing to our HR support services makes you free of worrying about all the moving areas such as:

    Payroll tax filling.


    Benefit deductions.


    And more.

    On the other hand, our payroll administration solutions include:

    Employment verification of past and current employees.

    Child support administration, Garnishment, and levy.

    Access to attendance and integrated time system.

    Payroll tax filing.

    Standard payroll reporting.

    Payroll setup.

    Form W-2 & W-4 filing, mailing, and printing.

    Processing biweekly, weekly, monthly, semimonthly, payroll cycles.

    Online payroll submission.

    Vacation, paid time off (PTO), and sick-leave accrual.

    Automated standard deductions.

    New-hire reporting.


    In Connect Middle East with our HR services near me, outsourcing your organization’s recruiting activities will allow you to obtain experience workers; this way you can hire individuals that will provide long-term benefits for your company. In addition, we will proactively handle part of all areas of your recruiting process from sourcing workers, interviewing, hiring, and vetting.

    We are one of the best HR outsourcing companies for small business and our recruiting solutions include:

    Access to background checks, pre-hire job assessments, medical screening tests, and substance abuse testing.

    Access to a web-based applicant system.

    Onboarding new workers.

    Candidate sourcing.

    Job description support.

    Job postings.

    Resume screening based on your criteria.

    Benefits procurement and administration

    We will provide you with the best Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services with access to affordable and high-quality. This way you will compete for top workers and at the same time; provide workers with the financial and health benefits they need. Similarly, after you have settled on the benefits you need; we will assist you in managing your worker benefits program.

    On the other hand, our human resource outsourcing procurement and administration solutions include:

    Access to top health care, vision, life, dental, short- and long-term disability, and other types of insurances in the UAE.

    Massive benefits and worker assistance programs.

    Access to benefits-enrollment technology and assistance for open enrollment.

    Deleting/adding workers in the carrier systems.

    Managing worker calls in regards to claims and coverage.

    Paid time off (PTO) tracking.

    Settlement of invoices ensuring the collection worker benefits contributions.

    Unemployment claims administration.

    Performance management

    Outsourcing your business’s performance-management and training programs will assist you to develop your worker talent base; that is to say, this way you increase employee engagement and satisfaction. In addition, our performance-management solutions include:

    Access to worker performance-management innovative technologies such as onsite/online eLearning and HR training as well as worker development tools.

    Straightforward performance review process.

    Staffing management.

    Ongoing performance feedback.

    Worker performance-records maintenance.

    Employee performance goal management.

    Identification of workers’ skills/competencies gaps.

    Workplace safety and risk management.

    Workplace safety and risk management

    Providing your workforce with a safe work environment should be one of your top priorities. Similarly, we are one of the most outstanding HR outsourcing companies for small business. We have in-house experience, this way you will have tools available to help you prevent employee fatigue and workplace accidents.

    Similarly, we are an HR services company that will provide you with safety solutions. Let’s observe:

    Business policies and procedures implementation and development.

    Employees’ claims administration and compensation coverage.

    Safety and risk management consulting solutions.

    Worker handbook development and maintenance

    Safety training.

    Post-accident investigations.

    Accident prevention plan implementation and development.

    Onsite safety inspections.

    Labor and employment compliance

    The UAE regulatory laws are constantly changing; new laws are amended or passed on a regular basis. In the same vein, our HR services for small business team is experienced and will allow your business to stay compliant with all local jurisdiction laws and workplace requirements.

    Further, our HR support services and employment compliance solutions we provide are as follows:

    Anti-harassment training for workers and management.

    Process management and leave policies.

    Guidance on state and local ordinances and laws.

    Federal and state wage-and-hour compliance requirements.

    Is outsourcing your HR department a good idea?

    There are many good reasons to have a domestic HR team in your company. From new workers recruitment to benefits management; having easy access to HR activities is a good resource for any company with a growing workforce.

    Similarly, there are many situations where outsourcing your HR department makes more sense. In other words, there are various advantages to outsourcing HR activities. For instance, some of them are improved accuracy and compliance, focus on strategy, and the opportunity to leverage the different technologies; streamlining costs and tasks.

    Let’s observe why partnering up with an HR services company is a good idea:

    Cost reduction

    The fewer workers you have, the smaller the payroll is. In other words, when you outsource, you are paying for what you need, not paying for what you are not using. Similarly, if the contract spells you will obtain or at an hourly rate; you will end up paying much less for this solution than someone you must pay for a salary too. In addition, you also save costs of benefits and payroll taxes.

    Allows the HR department to be strategic

    Certainly, our HR support services offer you the opportunity to remove the distracting activities of daily operations. This way you are more productive regarding long-term goals like hiring and recruiting.

    More expertise and services

    We will focus only on HR areas that you may have not thought of and where you have teachable staff with you and take care of your business needs. Similarly, because we offer HR services for small business, you can add the solutions you want; this will keep your costs low and you can spend time on more essential areas.

    Less burden on the staff

    The HR department is one of the hardest-working areas of any company. That is to say, if it remains the same size while the rest of your company grows in bounds and leaps; then all activities will pile up massively.

    But you do not have to outsource your whole HR department. You can consider keeping a smaller domestic HR team while you outsource the most time-consuming activities. Let’s observe 4 tasks that you can outsource for maximum results:

    Employee relocation

    Employees who will move to start or keep working in your organization require highly personalized assistance. HR outsourcing companies near me allow you to avoid wasting time while contacting us to manage it.

    Employee handbooks and policies

    Your workers deserved the most updated information about the workplace’s procedures and policies, but maintaining what is important to your company if you have an overwhelmed HR department.

    Temporary staffing

    When you hire short-term workers with our HR services near me; you are constantly onboarding and recruiting new workers. Therefore, you can consider keeping the full-time recruitment domestic while collaborating with us as your staffing company.

    Benefits and payroll

    It requires little effort to delegate this activity; and as long your workers get paid on time, they will not complain. But the same goes for benefit packages; when your workers have questions or concerns about coverage, you can let us address them.

    What benefits do you obtain outsourcing your HR department?

    Our HR services near me allow you to save time.

    You have an expert managing your HR policies.

    It is an easy way to update your workers’ handbook.

    The worker relations will be improved and hiring orientations streamlined.

    HR outsourcing companies near me provide you with professional development and training.

    We also handle your administration procedures and time-consuming activities.