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Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone Company Formation

With Just Few Easy Steps Just Start Your Business in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone

    Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone Company SetupWhat is Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone ?

    Setup Your Company in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone with Connect Middle East

    Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone is the latest free zone in the United Arab Emirates, launched in January 2017. The main vision of Shams is to be a world-class hub for media and creativity in the region. They focus on media related licenses and they issue licenses to companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs working in the media, technology, and creative industries. The main advantage is that for Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone Company Formation , there no deposit is required and even your physical presence is not needed in UAE. Our advisers will provide you the best facilities with the best quality. They will take care of your company registration with no further delay in procedures.

    Aiming to be a world-class media hub for innovative facilities and services, Shams covers a wide range of business activities to those who wish to organize their start-up in UAE. Sharjah is the home of culture, modernity and education.

    Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone Business Setup

    Connect Services Middle East offer you world class experience and supports your start-up from the beginning. We help you launch your business with specialized facilities for the creative and media industries. We offers a dynamic platform for talented individuals to showcase their talents. We foster a vibrant and connected ecosystem for innovators to live, learn and co-create.

    Setup Your Company in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone with Connect Middle East. We are the experienced professional business advisors to ensure fast and efficient company formation all over in the UAE.


    Benefits of Setting up Business in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone

    Business setup in SHAMS Free zone

    The Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS) is one of the best places to conduct businesses in the Media Sector in the UAE due to its outstanding advantages. This Free Zone is located in Sharjah and it’s becoming the preferred option for small business and startups.

    The Company Formation in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone is an alternative option to other media-related Free Zones and it’s a relatively new option for business setup in the UAE.

    Forming a company in SHAMS

    To start your Business in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone you should follow a few simple steps. The best part is that it can be done fully remotely, so if you are outside the UAE or in other Free Zone, you can register your company in no time.

    Here’s the documents you need to establish your business in SHAMS:

    • Email
    • Passport copy
    • Phone number

    SHAMS Business Activities

    The Business Setup in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone process requires you to select among the several business activities allowed in this place. Although SHAMS is a Media Free Zone, there are many other business activities carried out by companies that are not related with this sector. So, many businesses are welcomed in this place, even if they don’t work with media activities.

    Here we have a list with the most popular business activities in SHAMS:

    • Trading activities
    • Professional services
    • Holding activities
    • Social media
    • Manufacturing
    • Broadcasting activities
    • Advertising
    • Arts, entertainment and recreation
    • Wholesale trade
    • Retail trade
    • Construction
    • Transportation
    • Food and beverage service
    • Legal and accounting activities
    • Travel agencies

    A great benefit that SHAMS offers to businesses is the fact that once the company is incorporated, they can change the business activity if they prefer to do it.

    Business Licenses for SHAMS

    The Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone Company Setup requires the investor to select among the several types of business licenses available. The Business License granted by SHAMS is a permit issued by the Authority to allow the company to operate in the Free Zone legally.

    Here’s the list of the business licenses available in SHAMS:

    • Service License: with the Service License, the company can carry out professional activities such as production, transformation and distribution of services. With the service license, the business can render services as a primary objective, and use goods to provide the services.
    • Trading License: the Trading License is aimed for companies that want to sell goods, import or export products, move goods, and carry out wholesale and retail sale activities.
    • Industrial License: with the Industrial License, the company can engage in activities such as manufacturing of goods, assembling, light industrial activities, and many more industrial-related activities according SHAMS regulations.

    Benefits of doing business in SHAMS

    • 100% foreign ownership
    • Access to a top trading hub
    • Zero corporate taxes
    • No import and export taxes
    • Vast range of business activities to choose from (more than 120)
    • Business licenses offer the choice to combine multiple activities
    • Affordable Free Zone to incorporate a company
    • Shareholders can be as young as 19 years old, which is privilege that you can’t find on other Free Zones
    • Investors can obtain a dependent visa for their family
    • No NOC required from the current sponsor

    Business entities in SHAMS

    In SHAMS, investors can find a progressive business environment with several benefits. In this regard, it’s necessary to select a type of legal structure among the list of companies in Sharjah media city.

    Here we have the shams free zone companies list:

    • SHAMS Limited Liability Company (LLC): an LLC it’s an independent operating entity that can be incorporated with more than two shareholders. It offers many advantages such as sponsor employees and open a business bank account.
    • SHAMS Branch: an existing foreign or UAE-based company can establish a branch in SHAMS. The branch belongs to the parent company and it should carry out the same business activities.

    SHAMS License costs

    Since SHAMS is a Free Zone that offers low-cost rates for registering and incorporating a company, many investors consider establishing their business here. It’s essential to consider the expenses and fees to incorporate a company in SHAMS.

    Here we have the shams free zone license cost:

    • Business license fee: starts from AED 5,750
    • Trading or service license fee (zero visa quota): starts from AED 11,500
    • Trading or service license fee (1 visa quota): starts from AED 13,420
    • Trade name reservation: AED 500
    • Visa allocation: starts from AED 1,600
    • Shared desk rent: starts from AED 3,675

    SHAMS Innovative Facilities

    SHAMS is a perfect Free Zone for conducting business activities thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities and several options of physical space for leasing. Small businesses, entrepreneurs and startup can find in SHAMS several offices that suit their business needs. From cost-effective options to private offices where to hold meetings, SHAMS offers many options to businesses from across all industries.

    The Sharjah Media city Dubai office space provides four options, which are the following:

    • Dedicated desk: in SHAMS you can rent an assigned space known as dedicated desk so you can run your business.
    • Shared Desk: in a shared desk you can share the space with creative entrepreneurs that want to have flexible options and networking opportunities
    • Dedicated office: investors that are looking for a lockable office space can rent a dedicated office that they can use individually. In SHAMS you have several options such as a space with a single desk or with a group of desks. It’s a private working environment that can suit your business needs.
    • Shared office: a shared office it’s a place that allows companies to network so you can gain more opportunities in this place.

    All of these facilities available in SHAMS provide many amenities such as WI-FI, access to printers, and meeting rooms to hold your meetings and continue developing your business in this thriving market. Businesses can find the perfect place to conduct their operations in SHAMS in comfortable offices in their innovative facilities.


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