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Dubai Investor Visa 2024: How to Get it?

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    Dubai is one of the most business-friendly and pro-enterprise cities in the world. Entrepreneurs and investors around the globe are interested in investing in the different city’s business sectors. If you want to learn how to get a Dubai investor visa there are some procedures and steps to get things moving.

    In this article, we will ensure you will learn everything you should know about the process of acquiring a partner or investor visa. In addition, here you will find all important information when it comes to the different types of visas in the UAE. That is to say, learn the benefits of these visas so you can start taking advantage of them. Let’s observe:


    1. Dubai investor visa

    This visa is also called Dubai Partner Visa; it is obtainable by foreign individuals who want to establish their companies or invest in an existing business in Dubai or the UAE. Likewise, the holders of this visa have the right to live in the UAE and exit the country as they wish for the duration of the visa.

    However, holders of this visa become a tax domicile of the UAE, and, therefore, not taxable by the country of origin. Likewise, this is matter to the investor’s home country laws and regulation.

    Holders of the Dubai investor visa may also apply for the Emirates ID card, acquire a UAE driving license, open a bank account, sign up for Du mobile or Etisalat, and other important services. In the same vein, the government grants the right to holders of this visa to sponsor their children, spouse, and parents to enter the UAE.

    In the same vein, individuals in the process of how to get a Dubai Investor Visa can obtain it under 4 situations:

    • Investment in real estate.
    • Long-term residence visa.
    • Investment in a company.
    • Retirement.

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    2. Real Estate investment

    This applies to individuals who are looking to invest in properties worth AED 1 million or more, with a maximum of 50% of the value being under a mortgage. Similarly, investors owning properties in conjunction are eligible to apply under this visa if the individual’s share is worth AED 1 million or more.

    Most importantly, the individual must invest in a single residential property and not commercial ones. In addition, this visa applies to owners of land and property only. However, you cannot apply for this visa under an off-plan property.

    The duration of this visa may vary from 3 to 5 years in can be maintained as long as the investor owns the real estate property in Dubai or the UAE. That is to say, the 3-year visa is available to investors who purchased a property valued at 1 million AED or more. Certainly, this is different from the 5-year one which requires ownership of property worth at least 5 million AED.

    3. Long-Term Residence Visa

    With this recently launched visa program, individuals who meet certain criteria can acquire a 5 or 10-year residency. However, this depends on the proportions of their investment in Dubai or the UAE. Likewise, the investor’s family like children and spouse, as well as one advisor and one manager are also eligible to apply.

    Likewise, individuals who can apply for the 10-year residency visa must invest at least 10 million AED, either through starting a company worth AED 10 million, or partnering in a new or existing company valued 10 million AED or more. Similarly, or through a deposit in an investment fund within the UAE. Or having a total investment of AED 10 million in the previously mentioned areas.

    In other words, the 5-year residency visa is for investors who own a property valued at not less than 5 million AED, or entrepreneurs in an already existing project of 500,000 AED, however, this is subject to other jurisdictions.

    Most importantly, these long-term residency visas are issued to individuals who meet the criteria set by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. For instance, this scheme grants visas for individuals who have specialized talents such as scientists and innovators in areas like, research, science and technical fields.

    4. Investment in a company

    Individuals who want to start a business or invest in the areas of Dubai Mainland or the different free zones. Certainly, the country’s different economic activities offer more than 2,000 types of business licenses to establish a company in Dubai Mainland.

    Understanding the various trade licenses in the UAE is simple, therefore, learn about the different types of trade licenses and their costs.

    Establishing a company in Dubai Mainland usually requires to partner with a UAE national, this will be a major shareholder (51%), or an individual responsible to collaborate with the different government departments.

    Likewise, recent measures by the government have allowed for the first time in the UAE’s history, full ownership of businesses in Dubai Mainland, eliminating the need for foreign commercial businesses to have a UAE national as a major shareholder. However, full ownership of onshore businesses remains in line with policies set by the UAE government.

    This investor visa is granted to individuals who own shares in a company worth at least 72,000 AED or starting a company with a capital investment of the same amount. In other words, foreign investors establishing in one of Dubai’s free zones do not require a local partner or sponsor. In the same vein, these companies have a zero-taxation policy, and they have full ownership of the company.

    However, this visa application process may vary depending on where the free zone is located and the nature of the company.

    5. Retirement Visa

    This category was created for investors of the age of 55 who want to retire in the country. That is to say, this 5-year residency visa is obtainable for individuals investing in properties worth at least 2 million AED, are have savings worth 1 million AED, or have active monthly earnings of at least AED 20,000.

    1. Documents required for the investor visa in Dubai
      There are certain requirements for individuals in the process of how to get a Dubai Investor Visa. Firstly, they must have shares in an already existing company of a minimum of 72,000 AED. Secondly, start a company with a capital investment of the same amount.

    In other words, here is a list of the required documents:

    • Passport copy.
    • Entry permit form.
    • White background photograph.
    • Copy of partnering contract and service agent contract if you are applying for a Professional License.
    • If you have an LLC, you must list your partners.
    • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
    • Copy of Immigration Establishment Card.
    • A contract between the partner and the local sponsor.
    • Copy of your trade license.
    • Bank statement showing the last six months’ activity.

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    7. Where to apply for the Dubai Investor Visa?

    You may start the process of how to get a Dubai Investor Visa by going to any of the Amer Centers in the city. These centers will offer different services to UAE residents and nationals. However, you can partner up with a partner like Connect Middle East, these business partners will make the process easy, quick, and hassle-free.

    You may find Amer Centers in the next areas:

    • Dubai Festival City.
    • Al Jafiliya.
    • Quoz.
    • Al Twar.

    Mof you decide to apply for the license at any of these aid centers, you must know the costs for the fees in order to get the Dubai investor visa.

    Entry permit:

    • 1,040 to 1,070 AED for individuals in the United Arab Emirates.
    • 365 AED for individuals outside the country.

    Change of status:

    • 580 AED. Have in mind that this fee is not required if you are arriving from outside the country.

    Visa stamping:

    • AED 600 to AED 800.

    Other possible fee costs:

    • Immigration establishment card
    • Medical screening tests.
    • Emirates ID card.

    8. Investor Visa for free zone companies

    One of the main advantages for companies in the country is to set up in any of the UAE free zones. Likewise, free zones offer massive advantages like 100% ownership of the business, full repatriation of profits and capital, 100% freedom over export and import duties, and so much more.

    There are several free zones in the UAE, learn how to choose the one that suits your business.

    However, there are more than 30 free zones in Dubai. That is to say, these free zones are driven to sectors like manufacturing, technology, finance, healthcare, media, and more. Therefore this makes them a good location for making the most out of the resources and networking in the area.

    Here is a list of some of the most popular Free Zones in Dubai:

    • Media City.
    • Dubai Production City
    • Dubai Multi Commodities Center
    • Silicon Oasis
    • Dubai Internet City

    However, individuals can still apply for a sponsored visa in the city while establishing a business in a free zone, the process of how to get a Dubai investor visa is somehow different. In addition, the different procedures may vary depending on which free zone you plan to establish in and what type of business you are setting up.

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    9. Types of visas available in Dubai

    Like we mentioned earlier, the Dubai investor visa is good for a 3-year period, but there are other good options available that can last for 10 years.

    The UAE launched a program of a 10-year period visa for investors and a 5-year period visa for real estate investors. In addition, These new programs are also known as Golden Visa. However, this type of visa is not available to everyone.

    The golden visa is a new set of measures by the UAE government, check our in-depth guide about it.

    Here is a list of individuals who may apply for the Dubai Golden Visa:

    • Brilliant students.
    • UAE-based physicians and doctors.
    • Graduates with a 3.8 or higher GPA.
    • UAE PhD holders.
    • Top graduates from an UAE high school.
    • Various UAE based specialists.
    • Big data.
    • Epidemiologists.
    • Virologists.
    • Artificial intelligence.
    • UAE-based new technology like programming, electricity engineers, computer science, and electronics.
    • Some investors.

    Similarly, if you are one of the individuals qualified for a 5- or 10-year residency visa, you will find out the fees are really affordable:


    • AED 650 for the visa cost.
    • 150 AED for application.
    • AED 500 for insurance.


    • AED 1,150 for the visa cost.
    • 150 AED for application.
    • AED 100 for insurance.

    Certainly, as we mentioned earlier there is a huge demand for these types of visas. However, these long-term residency visas provide a better feeling of security and performance for those individuals who have invested in this beautiful country.

    10. How can Connect Middle East provides you with a Dubai Investor Visa?

    As we mentioned previously; business partners will assist you in the different steps of every process you decide to ask them. Similarly, in case you decided to choose us to help you, we will ensure you can get your investor visa quickly and hassle-free.

    With Connect Middle East working side-by-side with you, you will obtain our different professional services to ensure such as:

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