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Introducing Connect Golden Visa Service . If you need help applying for a Golden Visa or determining your eligibility, our specialized Golden Visa Service can walk you through the application and issuance process.

    golden visa in ue with Connect ME
    Discover the Golden Visa Connect ME

    Discover the Golden Visa

    If you are thinking of visiting the UAE, there are plenty of Visa options for you. In Connect Middle East we provide you with the specific Visa service that suits your necessities best. However, if a long stay is in your plans, then the Golden Visa is the right option for you.

    A UAE Golden Visa is a long-term residency visa that allows foreigners to work, live, and study in the country while enjoying certain benefits. For example:

    • Is a self-sponsored visa, which means there is no need for an employment sponsor.
    • You can sponsor your family members, including children (regardless of their ages) and your spouse.
    • You have the ability to stay outside the country for more than the usual restriction of six months.
    • It has a validity of 10 years.
    • It gives you an entry permit for six months with several entries to start with the residence process.
    • You have an unlimited number of domestic helpers.
    • It allows family members to stay in the country until the end of their permit duration if the primary holder of the Golden Visapasses away.

    Golden Visa categories

    Connect Middle East offers a wide range of visa services. However, the UAE Golden Visa eligibility is the following:


    Real estate investors can obtain this kind of visa in the UAE if they meet one of the following conditions:

    • Buy a property with a loan from a UAE bank.
    • Buy one or more properties with a price of no less than AED two million from approved local real estate agencies.
    • Purchase a property worth more than AED two million.


    The professionals can obtain a golden residency in the UAE if they fulfill one of the following requirements:

    • Obtain approval for a start-up idea from an official business incubator, the Ministry of Economy, or other competent local authorities.
    • Own or partner in a start-up registered as a small and medium enterprise (SMEs) in the United Arab Emirates. And the company must generate an annual revenue of no less than AED one million.
    • It must have founded an entrepreneurial project that was sold for a total amount of no less than AED seven million.
    Golden Visa categories Connect ME


    The UAE also offers Golden Visa for students. This applies to outstanding graduates from the UAE’s universities and high-performing students in the UAE’s secondary schools. Criteria include academic cumulative/performance average, year of graduation, and university classification.

    Special talent

    This country offers a Golden Visa for doctors, innovators, inventors, and exceptional talents in vital fields such as art, sports, culture, and digital technology regardless of their employment status, professional level, monthly salary, or educational qualifications. The visa requires approval or a recommendation from a federal or local government entity.

    How is the Golden Visa Process with Connect Middle East?

    The government of the United Arab Emirates has made the process of acquiring this visa really easy. The step-by-step of this process is the following:

    • Firstly, you must gather all the necessary documents.
    • Then, our team of professionals will submit them to the pertinent authorities on your behalf.
    • After that, you must pay the required visa fees.
    • Wait for the approval (this can last from 72 hours to 30 days)
    • Lastly, receive the document and perform the necessary medical test.

    Get Your Golden Visa
    in 3 Simple Steps

    Step 1

    Provide us with the Required Documents

    Step 2

    We will review documents and fill out application. Our services ensure you get off to the best start possible.

    Step 3

    Government will review your document, followed by feedback. We will guide you throughout the journey with all the trust and reliability.

    Key benefits of the Golden Visa

    Some Emirates offer specific Golden Visa benefits. For example:

    Abu Dhabi

    • Those individuals who hold this kind of visaare entitled to offers and discounts on health care, cars, property, hospitality, banking services, and health insurance. The government has teamed up with companies across a range of industries to offer the incentives.
    • Under the government office’s commercial partnership, the individuals who own a Golden Visain Abu Dhabi will be entitled to discounts on selected properties.
    • Some local banks will offer real estate investors reduced mortgage fixed-interest rates and non-real estate investors attractive rates on savings accounts.
    • The holder of a UAE Golden Visa residency will also be eligible for price reductions on cars and will receive priority booking for new releases, in addition to special payment facilities, maintenance, offers, and licensing services.
    • The individuals who have this visa will be entitled to reduced premiums on annual health plans for individuals and families, with diverse network coverage and a bundle of benefits both inside and outside the country.
    • Individuals will receive special offers for spa treatments, dining, gyms, and stays at selected hospitality.
    UAE Golden Visa requirements Connect ME


    As stated by the Dubai government, foreign residents who own a Golden Visa in Dubai and a driving license from their home country can now take a UAE driver test without needing extra lessons.

    In addition to this, if the individual has a license from one of the 32 approved Golden Visa countries, including the UK, US, Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, New Zealand, Qatar, Kuwait, South Africa, and Ireland, they will automatically be eligible for a UAE driver’s license.

    UAE Golden Visa requirements

    To be eligible for a five to ten Dubai Golden Visa, the applicant must:

    • Own a company with a capital of AED 2 million minimum or partner with a share of the same amount.
    • Have at least AED 3 million in an investment account in the UAE.
    • Invest more than AED 5 million on a possession.
    • Have a total investment of at least AED 2 million in the UAE.

    Golden Visa in the UAE. How does it work?

    As shown above, this kind of Visa allows people from other countries to work, reside, set up a business, and study in the UAE without having to partner with a local sponsor. Foreign business owners and investors can also enjoy 100% ownership of their businesses in the country. This visa is issued for 5 to 10 years and is automatically renewed.

    If you are ready to submit your UAE Golden Visa application, make sure to work only with the best professionals. Having a top immigration agency by your side, like Connect Middle East, will ensure the successful completion of any procedure you need.

    Our team of professionals has vast knowledge in diverse fields. Working with us means having a partner ready to commit and comply with the following services: Business licensing, visa services, banking services, etc.

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    Get in Touch

    Visit our office or simply send us an email anytime you want. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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