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Dubai South Free Zone (DSF) Company Formation

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    The Dubai South Free Zone (prev. Dubai World Central), is one of the most important business hubs developed in Dubai. It is the major and foremost global trade, business and aviation centre. It serves as the strategic stage in the UAE for expansion of logistics; aviation, light industry as well as auxiliary businesses services.

    The Dubai South turned out to be the host of the international event-Dubai World Expo 2020. Basically Dubai South free zone divided into three districts –

    • Aviation District
    • Logistic District
    • Free Zone Business

    Dubai South is a well situated city around the new Al Maktoum International Airport, which is estimated to be the world’s largest by 2022. It covers 140 square kilometers of versatile area just next to Jebel Ali Sea Port, which conveys a huge number of activities including aviation, logistics, exhibition, residential and many more related businesses. They serve as a strategic platform for companies to lay their company foundation and also grow in the areas of logistics, aviation, light industry and ancillary service fields spread across eight integrated districts and the business park. It is designed to support every possible kind of business and industry and create around 5 lakh jobs. The Dubai South reason Airport is purposely located so as to provide suitable logistics as well as shipment; all around the GCC and Middle East as well as the whole world.

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    Business setup in DSF Free zone

    Dubai South Free Zone, referred to as DSF, was established as an ambitious one-of-its-kind project by the government of Dubai. It’s located near the Jebel Ali Sea Port which enhances its potential as a strategic location for businesses.

    Investors that want to carry out the Company Formation in Dubai South Free Zone (DSF) can enjoy from the several advantages this place has to offer. DSF is the home for businesses across several industries such as commercial, logistics, tourism, aviation and more sectors.

    DSF, formerly known as Dubai World Central, it’s one of the best places in the UAE where business owners can establish their operations to enter the flourishing UAE market.

    Forming a company in DSF

    The Business Setup in Dubai South Free Zone (DSF) is a simple and straightforward process that can be done quickly. You just need to gather all the documentation you need and apply for the registration.

    The DSF Authority will issue the initial approval, once it has reviewed the documentation. After the approval, the investor should continue with the registration process. You should select a trade name for your corporation as well as the proper business license. In addition, it’s important to get the leasing contract.

    Here we have the documents you must submit:

    • MOA and Articles of Incorporation of company
    • Passport copies for shareholders
    • Individual share certificates for each shareholder
    • Trade name certificate
    • Business license application form
    • NOC from local sponsor (if required)

    DSF Business Activities

    To start your Business in Dubai South Free Zone (DSF) you must first determine which business activity you want to carry out. Since DSF is an economic zone where businesses can take advantage of its strategic location, it has been divided into three districts where companies can focus on their acvitiy:

    • Aviation District: businesses dedicated to the aviation and aerospace industry can carry out their activities from there. DSF Aviation District hosts businesses that work in a wide range of aviation services such as manufacturing, support, design, training, consultancy, products and parts, research, repair and maintenance, and many more.
    • Logistics District: thanks to DSF direct access to a privileged airport and seaport, businesses can conduct several activities from here that are in the global supply chain.
    • Business Park: businesses and companies that want to carry out other types of business activities such as startups, commercial activities, and more, can conduct their operation from this place.

    Business Licenses for DSF

    When you’re considering the Dubai South Free Zone (DSF) Company Setup, you must select a business license that allows you to operate legally in this place. The DSF Authority offers the following types of licenses:

    • Logistics License: being one of the main activities of DSF, the Logistics License allows businesses to carry out activities such as distribution, storage, transportation, forwarding and many more logistics related activities.
    • Industrial License: companies that hold the Industrial License are allowed to carry out light manufacturing activities in DSF such as repacking, assembling, mixing and more as long as they use noiseless machinery.
    • Trading License: the Trading License enables the company to perform trading activities such as import/export, distribution and storing of products.
    • General Trading License: the business that wants to carry out trading activities, but it wants access to more items, should apply for the General Trading License. The difference with the Trading License is that this covers a wider range of products.
    • Service License: companies with a Service License can perform professional activities like human resources, training, consulting and more.
    • Education License: Social services, educational consultancy and education related services can be carried out under this license.

    Benefits of doing business in DSF

    • The process for incorporating a Dubai south company is simple and fast
    • Tax-free operations
    • Total foreign ownership
    • There’s no corporate tax
    • You have access to state-of-the-art facilities to conduct your operations
    • The company formation rates are highly competitive compared to other Free Zones
    • You get access to Al Maktoum Airport
    • If your company belongs to the Aviation or Logistics sector you can operate effectively and efficiently from this place
    • You can select from handy offices to carry out your activities up to warehouses
    • The business license renewal charges are very reasonable
    • Full repatriation of capital and profits
    • You can select among the wide range of business activities offered
    • It’s easy to expand your business from this place

    Business entities in DSF

    The Dubai south Company registration requires investors to select among the types of legal structures available. Investors must choose one of the following business entities available:

    • Limited Liability Company: An LLC in DSF can be formed with 1 shareholder and a maximum of 50. It should have also directors, a general manager and a company secretary. The minimum capital to incorporate an LLC is AED 300,000
    • Branch of a Company: a foreign company or an UAE registered company can establish its branch in DSF. This type of legal entity should have a general manager and the same name as its parent company.

    DSF License costs

    The required fees for establishing a company in Dubai south free zone will vary depending on the type of office you choose. The costs for business license and establishment card are the following:

    • Business License: ranges from AED 10,000.
    • Establishment Card: from AED 1,800

    Regarding the type of physical space, the investor may have to pay more. Here we have the range of fees depending the office rented:

    • Smart Desk: from AED 16,900
    • Permanent Smart Desk: from AED 31,900
    • Smart Office: from AED 26,900
    • Permanent Smart Office: from AED 72,000

    DSF Innovative Facilities

    DSF has world-class facilities that businesses can use to boost their operations from this promising place. Its main feature is the Free Zone Business Park, where companies can find the following:

    • Commercial buildings
    • DSF Business Center
    • Smart offices
    • Flexible options such as shared desk
    • Land and warehouses

    In addition, in the Aviation District and Logistics District there are more facilities designed for businesses that operate in these sectors.


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