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Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ) Company Formation

With Just Few Easy Steps Just Start Your Business in Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ)

    Ajman Media City Freezone Company SetupOverview of Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ)

    Setup Your Company in Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ) with Connect Middle East

    Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ) is the latest free zone in the United Arab Emirates, located in Ajman Emirate. Established in 2005, it has been formed to fulfil the mission, to create a dependable, harmonious and a professional environment for businesses. Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ) came into the market in 2018. Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ) has always been a bestseller because of its low cost package.

    We are aiming to create a world class environment with innovative and advanced processes to ensure the guidance of their advisors in every step of company formation. Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ)| Dubai Office (MAKATEB) was appointed as an official exclusive representative of Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ), thus aiming to open new ways to communicate between Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ) and its customers. And also to reinforce its position on the global investment map and encapsulate its ambitious goals.

    AMCFZ offers a large number of media-related activities. It does not have warehouses or land for lease. Special feature of AMC is that the AMC license has a unique QR code. The authenticity of the license can be checked by simply scanning it by any device. Moreover for online businesses it can help create a trust bond with customers.

    Company Formation in Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ) is easy which is beneficial to the investors. It allows multi-activity using one license. AMC will help you organize your low cost business setup in UAE, thus promoting young entrepreneurs to start their own business. Setup Your Company in Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ) with Connect Middle East. We are the experienced professional business advisors to ensure fast and efficient company formation in Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ).


    Start Business in Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ)

    Business setup in AMCFZ Free zone

    The Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ) was established in 2018 and nowadays is one of the most popular Free Zones in the UAE due to its great business incentives and packages for investors. AMCFZ is located in Ajman Emirate and it has a strategic location because it’s near Dubai and has access to highly-developed sea ports.

    Businesses from all sizes and entrepreneurs find in AMCFZ a viable option for carrying out their operations. From freelancers to large corporations, they want to learn how to carry out the Company Formation in Ajman Media City Free zone. In addition to its competitive fees and state-of-the-art facilities, ACMFZ attracts foreign investment due to the advantages it offers.

    Forming a company in AMCFZ

    Registering and licensing a company in AMCFZ is a pretty straightforward process. The Business Setup in Ajman Media City Free zone starts with the preparation of the required documentation to submit it along with the application. After the Authority has reviewed your documents and approved your application, which usually takes up to 3 days, you should make the required payments and you can receive the documents for your business.

    Here are the documents you need to gather to incorporate a company in AMCFZ:

    • Passport copy for each shareholder
    • Color passport size photograph
    • Copy of UAE entry stamp or UAE resident visa
    • Residential address
    • Email
    • Proof of share capital
    • Phone number
    • Company’s trade name options

    AMCFZ Business Activities

    AMCFZ is known for being a Free Zone where businesses can carry out media-related activities. One particular aspect regarding the Ajman Media City Free zone Company Setup is that the AMCFZ Authority has restricted the types of activities that can be carried out in this place, so you should determine which activity suits best the nature of your business.

    Here we have the Ajman media city free zone activity list:

    • Consultancy
    • Professional Services
    • E-commerce activities
    • Media-related trading
    • Courier activities
    • Law firms
    • Employment agencies
    • Social media activities

    The business license allows the company to carry out up to 5 business activities, and they don’t necessarily have to be similar to each other. However, at least one of the activities chosen should be related to the Media sector.

    In AMCFZ you can obtain your license by selecting one of the packages offered. The packages that include more visas and a better workspace are more expensive than those that include a few number of visas.

    Business Licenses for AMCFZ

    To carry out your operations in AMCFZ legally you must have a valid business license. When you opt for one of the packages in AMCFZ you can select several types of business activities in the following area:

    • Commercial License: with the Commercial License the company can carry out activities in the commercial sector such as trading, import, export, and any other one related and according to the regulations of AMCFZ.
    • Service License: the Service License allows businesses to engage in professional activities and offer professional services to their clients according to what’s allowed in AMCFZ.

    With the business packages, companies can choose 5 commercial or service activities. Some packages offer the possibility to choose more than 5 and these are more expensive. In addition, businesses can choose to mix commercial and service activities as long as they’re related.

    Benefits of doing business in AMCFZ

    • Total foreign ownership
    • The minimum share capital is established by the companies according to its particular requirements
    • There are many business packages to choose from for incorporating a company
    • Companies have the option to change the business activities
    • AMCFZ offers free from most of taxes to companies
    • It has a vast range of media activities to choose from
    • The business license in AMCFZ has a QR code which allows to verify its validity easily
    • Easy and quick company registration process

    Business entities in AMCFZ

    AMCFZ offers several packages to choose from to start your Business in Ajman Media City Free zone. These packages provide the option to select a legal structure for your company.

    These are the types of business entities allowed in Ajman Media City Free Zone:

    • Free Zone Establishment (FZE): you can incorporate this company with a single shareholder. It’s a limited liability company.
    • Free Zone Company (FZC): an FZC is also a limited liability company but this one needs to be incorporate with 2 or more shareholders.
    • Branch of a Company: a local or foreign company can establish a branch in AMCFZ as long as it carries out the same business activities as the parent company.

    AMCFZ License costs

    Setting up a business in AMCFZ is a great decision because you can find highly competitive rates for incorporating a company and obtaining a business license. The Ajman media city free zone cost for licenses can start from AED 5,000, which is a cost-effective price.

    Here we have the Ajman media city free zone visa cost and expenses for packages offered:

    • Visa fees: investors must pay AED 1,945 for visa fees, AED 690 for medical examination and AED 390 for Emirates ID.
    • License fee: starts from AED 8,500 and includes a workspace
    • Silver Premium Package: AED 21,500
    • Gold Package: AED 25,500
    • Silver Plus Package: AED 17,500
    • Silver Package: AED 14,500
    • Bronze Package: AED 11,500
    • Holding Package: AED 5,000

    AMCFZ Innovative Facilities

    Since AMCFZ is located in a brand new complex, it offers many business centers and headquarters for companies that want to carry out their operations from this outstanding selling point.

    Although Ajman Media City doesn’t offer plots of lands or warehouses for leasing, it has a vast range of options for investors regarding offices and shared desks.

    Some of the most outstanding facilities in AMCFZ are the following:

    • Permanent Desk Space: you can rent a desk space to carry out your activities for a fixed term
    • Shared offices: offices in AMCFZ offers several benefits and you can even opt for permanent leasing
    • Executive offices: in AMCFZ you have many options to choose from regarding executive offices with amenities included

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